Scope Of Services

Liker Lean Advisors offers a variety of services for Lean Product Development learning and transformation Our services are designed to help you achieve the following major goals:

  • Coach Leadership on Lean Transformations 
  • Conduct Value Stream Analyses and Visioning
  • Transformation assistance through Lean PD Events (Kaizen workshops).
  • Transfer the knowledge of Lean techniques to your team to continuously improve and support the changes that you make.

How does LEAN apply to my business? Can it be adapted? These are great questions! Here are a few thoughts on how these services could benefit your business.

LEAN Assessments

3 – 5 Day Lean Assessment: Perform an assessment of a company’s existing product development system with regards to the Lean principles. The assessment includes:

  • a half-day overview of Lean principles to key personnel who will be involved in the assessment process
  • an examination of existing processes and organization.
  • interviews of key personnel.
  • results and recommendations are presented to senior management


Assessments: Provide periodic Lean Assessments to measure progress, identify gaps and provide recommendations to close gaps.

Coaching and Mentoring:

Work with corporate leadership teams to establish steering committees to establish metrics and review progress periodically. Provide guidance on next steps of implementation.

Facilitate Lean Workshops and provide train-the-trainer approach to transfer knowledge of specific Lean tools and techniques.

Lean Certification Programs: We have established certification programs to assist companies to develop skills internally in Lean concepts. The levels of certification include:

Lean Advocate – 5-Day in-depth training in Lean

Lean Leader – Lean Advocate training + application of Lean to a company project

Lean Coach – Lean Leader + application to 2nd project + develop training expertise in at least one Lean principle.


The best way to learn Lean is by doing! The following events are ways for your teams to directly apply Lean principles from the training to their work environment.

3-Day Value Stream Mapping Workshop: In-depth Value Stream Map to analyze and create a vision for a specific process including an action plan. The Value Stream Mapping session provides a concrete way to incorporate Lean principles into your own processes.

2-Day Product Development Macro-Value Stream Mapping Workshop: Designed for senior and mid-level managers to analyze their “high-level” product development process and establish a plan for Lean PD transformation.

5-Day Lean Events: Customized events to meet a company’s particular challenges. These workshops are focused on analysis and implementation.

Examples of Lean Events may include some of the following activities:

  • Shop Floor Rearrangement
  • Error-Proofing
  • Supermarket layout
  • Kanban loop(s) implementation
  • 5-S & Standard Work
  • -A3 Problem Solving
  • -Obeya Room Set-Up


1-Day Executive Session: Overview of the 14 principles of the Toyota Way.

5-Day Lean Manufacturing Training: Lean Manufacturing course includes the following topics:

  • Lean Overview & Mfg Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5-S
  • Standard Work
  • Error-Proofing
  • Pull Systems
  • Lean Cell Design
  • A3 Problem-Solving
  • Getting Started: Implementation

3-Day Lean Above the Shop Floor Training:  Lean Office course includes the following topics:

  • Lean Overview and Simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5-S
  • Standard Work
  • A3 Problem-Solving
  • Getting Started: Implementation

3-Day Lean PD Training: Two-day overview of the 13 Lean Product Development pinciples including simulation to illustrate Lean PD concepts. Day 3 is a full session on Value Stream Mapping applied to Product Development is included.

5-Day In-Depth Lean PD Training: 3-Day session above plus customized modules including:

  • – Problem Solving and A3
  • – Visual Management & 5-S
  • – Standard Work
  • – Implementation Case Studies

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