Stephen AnsuiniSenior Lean Consultant

areas of expertise
  • 20 years of immersion in the Toyota Production System
  • Expert in Transactional LEAN (developed training used by Toyota worldwide)
  • Expertise in Employee Involvement and Quality Circles
  • Developed 70+ e-learning & instructor lead LEAN courses
  • Associates in Business Administration, Notre Dame

Mr. Ansuini has over 20 years of experience in the Toyota Product System. He has developed and deployed transactional lean training used worldwide by Toyota.       Prior to designing this system based on the TPS no office lean program existed within Toyota.

Stephen has earned reputation as expert in areas of employee involvement and quality circle programs. He advises and consults with Fortune 500 and International Fortune 500 companies to develop and deploy Lean manufacturing and Lean office training and develop internal capability. He has also development of 70+ e-learning and instructor-led courses to develop in-house capability, achieving excellent results in injury reduction, cost savings, improved inventory turns and decrease in non-value added production work.

He also led a lean transformation at a large national mortgage bank reducing cycle times by over 80%.

While at Toyota, Stephen held several leadership and specialist positions within Human Resources capacity, including Specialist and Assistant Manager positions within Skilled Trades Development Group, Team Member Resource Access Center, and Employee Involvement Group. He was also a Specialist at the North America Production Support Center (1 of 3 worldwide regional training centers) that provided production and maintenance training at both operating plants and plant start-ups in North America. As North American Quality Circle coordinator, managed training and training materials for all Toyota sites and chairperson/co-chairperson for North America Toyota Quality Circle forum that meets twice annually and includes promoters from each member affiliate.

Mr. Ansuini is an adjunct professor at Jackson Community College, CCE, teaching Lean courses. He has also published several articles for professional publications and delivered presentations to organizations to develop their Lean capability including Toyota by Toyota, Reflections from the Inside Leaders on the Techniques That Revolutionized the Industry, Edited by Samuel Obara and Darril Wilburn, Chapter 7, April 2012, CRC Press, A Productivity Press book

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